Duration : 1.5 to 2 hours

Price : from €10 per person / A minimum of 2 people


Kamnik: To friends of the famous architect

Candles for all occasions have been produced in the town house with a preserved traditional kitchen for 300 years. In the museum workshop, you can observe candle-making and learn how to create motifs with natural dyes based on templates of the famous architect Jože Plečnik. While visiting his friend Janko Stele, Plečnik observed wooden models for the production of the lect gingerbread. He was inspired to design unique relief decorations, which are still attached to candles at the Pax Stele candle-making shop. Plečnik also designed a dining nook, chandelier, and candlestick for the Lectar House. You can see the masterpieces in the family memorial room. 

The experience includes: 

  • a tour of the Lectar House with a traditional kitchen and a memorial room housing Jože Plečnik’s masterpieces 
  • observing candle-making in the museum workshop – with candle-forming tools made of sun-bleached beeswax 
  • a candle-decorating workshop with a presentation of traditional drawing, designing, and painting techniques based on Plečnik’s motifs 
  • the chance to purchase handmade Plečnik candles