Duration : 2 - 3 hours

Price : €16 per family


Radovljica: Family beekeeping orientation

Travel through “sweet” Radovljica following a map that includes fun and instructive tasks that will teach you about the world of bees. At four interactive points that will attract even the youngest, you can discover bees, their homes, their dancing, and their feeding habits. The beekeeping museum will teach you about the indigenous Carniolan lavender, the history and importance of beekeeping, the development of beekeeping equipment, beekeeping related crafts, world-famous beekeepers, and of course beehive paintings. The family trip around Radovljica will be sweetened with gingerbread. 

The experience includes: 

  • a booklet of fun challenges and tasks
  • an orientation walk to up to four interactive points in the old town centre
  • a family ticket for the Slovenian beekeeping museum 
  • reward: gingerbread (pastry with honey)