Novo mesto


A city, which is new in name, reveals its heritage from the times before Christ. Between the hills with their vineyards and the bend on the Krka river, Novo mesto surprises with its precious objects from the Iron Age. Situlae, skillfully decorated bronze pails, were once used at feasts. If they were still in use today in the cultural capital of Dolenjska, they would no doubt be filled with cviček wine!

Novo mesto


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A city of situlae

Discover the city’s most important corners, magnificent history and picturesque nature. Visit:

The old town centre, which is surrounded by remnants of the medieval city walls and where in the central area you can see Glavni trg (Main Square), Rotovž (City Hall), St. Nicholas’s cathedral with its altar picture by Tintoretto, the Franciscan monastery and library, the riverbank with buildings built on the remnants of the former town walls and with cellars built into the stone above the Krka river, and the birth house of the famous painter and graphic artist Božidar Jakac;

The Dolenjska Museum – visitors can see a complete presentation of the prosperous Dolenjska Hallstatt. Among the valuable finds from the Iron Age are figurally decorated situlae and glass beads, which adorn jewellery made from amber and bronze.

Nicholas’s Cathedral, the Gothic St. Nicholas’s cathedral, a perennial feature of Novo mesto, spanning skywards on a small hillock on the bend in the Krka river nestled in the historic old town centre. The cathedral is the most notable of the city’s cultural monuments and one of its central symbols which also helps shape Novo mesto’s silhouette.

The Krka river is one of the unmissable natural elements that gives Novo mesto its image

Lenart’s Franciscan Church, monastery and the old grammar school; the Franciscans settled in Novo mesto in the 15th century when they fled from Bela kraijna because of Ottoman raids. The monastery library, which dates from the late 15th century, is the oldest library in Novo mesto and has around 22,000 books. The Novo mesto grammar school, which from 1746 to 1870 was run by the Franciscan friars, is the oldest grammar school in Slovenia, with an unbroken tradition.

 Rafting on the Krka river which surrounds the city offers a different view of the city’s attractions and a special adventure on the water.

Kette Avenue and Marof, a hill with extensive archaeological finds.

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