Duration : 2 hours

Price : €18, for children from 3 to 8 years of age: €12

Novo mesto

Novo mesto: From iron age to today’s vineyard houses

You are cordially invited to explore the past with the Hallstatt duchess, who invites you to search for lost objects in the city centre of Novo mesto and to solve imaginative challenges! It will be just as in the Iron Age, when the duke and duchess surprised their guests with beautiful crockery – luxuriously decorated situlas with depictions of heroic events. Walk with her through museum gardens and get to know the hidden corners of the city and the vantage points above it. As a reward, Godmother Jožefina will serve you delicacies that are part of the Dolenjska tradition and explain the importance of Trška gora, vineyard tourism, and the vineyards. Join a real adventure. 


 The experience includes: 

  • a guided family activity with challenges and riddles 
  • a visit to the Dolenjska Museum and the Franciscan and Capitular church 
  • learning about the vineyard cottages and feasting with traditional delicacies at Trška gora