Duration : 1 Hour

Price : €8 per person / A minimum of 2 people


Brežice: To the cellar of mother Earth

Where there was once a sea in prehistoric times, farmers in previous centuries dug tunnels into the quartz sand. They kept turnips and other farm produce in them. The turnip caves eventually ceased to be used, but then these spaces with their constant temperature and perfect moisture were discovered by winemakers! Bizeljčan wine, which has a recognised traditional origin, “modra frankinja” (Blaufränkisch) with a high content of healthy resveratrol, and other wines are stored and matured by the Najger family in a turnip cave with several rooms and a very special paint. In this unusual cellar, wine and homemade delicacies have an even more delicate flavour! 

The experience includes: 

  • a presentation of the historical development and importance of turnip caves 
  • a tour of turnip cave with several rooms (the first has a natural ceiling painting) 
  • wine tasting (including Bizeljčan wines with a designation of recognised traditional origin)
  • homemade cold cut tasting (with meat from the indigenous Krško polje pig)
  • the chance to buy wines produced by the hosts – the Najger family