Duration : 6 hours

Price : starting at EUR 38 / For 2–10 persons


Šentjur: Spiritual gates of Rifnik

Rifnik, a hill above the town of the southern railway, was populated as early as 6,000 years ago! It is a place where geomancers explore dragon lines and soak in the special energy, while visitors get a kick out of the archaeological park. Below Rifnik, there is also the estate of the first Slovenian biodynamic winemaker. Alongside homemade delicacies refined with wild herbs you will be offered archetypal wine to enrich your meal and spring water as the ultimate thirst quencher. The story and special glasses further boost your experience of live wine, food and the place itself. 

The experience includes: 

  • Presentation of biodynamic winemaking (according to the principles of the Demeter brand) 
  • Stories of geomancy
  • Buffet and tasting of archetypal wine 
  • Meeting with Aci Urbajs, a winemaker who whispers to the earth and horses and who gives strength and life to wine