Duration : 2 hours

Price : €8 per person, €4 for children

Slovenj Gradec

Slovenj Gradec: Finding heart-warming stories in a paradise of honey

As early as 1757, bee products were used to make candles, which are considered a source of light with a special energy, based on a family recipe. By listening to the rich history of the Perger family, you will discover ways of making homemade sweets, delicious gingerbread, and famous lect hearts. In the Honey Paradise, which has been visited by more than 100,000 people from all over the world, including the Dalai Lama and Lucianno Pavarotti, you will, among other things, find out why it is necessary to do 500 squats for a wax candle. Children will love the giant Hansel and Gretel house made of gingerbread and sweets. 


The experience includes:

  • a guided tour of the museum and gallery 
  • family stories by master Hrabroslav 
  • a tasting of honey delicacies 
  • the chance to buy honey products at a genuine honey stand