Duration : 1 Hour

Price : from 5 EUR per person / minimum 5 person


Jesenice: For a coffee to the ironsworker’s wife

In the past, people from all corners of Slovenia and the former Yugoslavia immigrated to Jesenice. The varying origins of the inhabitants have influenced the cuisine and nutritional habits in the city and its surrounding area. An ironworker’s wife will present the dishes and recipes shared among her neighbours in the kitchen of a worker’s flat and serve youworker’s coffee. Experience the life of the ironworker families in the 20th century in a delicious way!

The experience includes: 

  • a tour of a worker’s apartment from the time between the two world wars 
  • a meeting with the wife of a Jesenice ironworker, the preparation and tasting of typical worker’s cereal coffee 
  • learning about the bourgeois, rural, and workers’ cuisine of Jesenice and a recommendation for a Jesenice worker’s lunch (you can find it at selected points around the city) 



  • group 5-9 pers.: EUR 7/person
  • group 10-17 pers.: EUR 5/person