The organiser: Zavod produkcijska hiša Inja music - Festival novomeško poletje


Contact person: Anja Pavlin


Fest Mest Novo mesto

Atwood’s Parachute

Glavni trg - stage in front of the Goga Café and Publishing House

3 August 2024 at 9 pm

In the music-art performance Atwood’s Parachute, you will discover a new side to one of the founding fathers of the Slovenian avant-garde, Anton Podbevšek. The content of the performance is the work of Ambrož Pušnik and Matevž Šega who draw on Podbevšek’s main collection of poetry, Man with Bombs, and his other works. The sung texts pose existential questions, convey socially critical messages, and are accompanied by an original soundtrack, movements and visual elements. The performance is part of the Festival of New Music in Novo mesto.

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