The organiser: Zavod Celeia Celje


Contact person: Mateja Ažman



Fest Mest Celje

Keiko Miyazaki: In the Devil’s Hole

Sagging breasts, loose bellies and thighs, a couple trapped in a perpetually recurring vortex, glasses of different colours and contents featuring silhouettes of old men who should die because they are no longer useful… Keiko Miyazaki, a Celje-based artist with Japanese roots, uses her art to return into personal world. This time, with her first solo multimedia presentation In the Devil’s Hole, she puts this world in the context of reality. The four-part exhibition holds up a mirror and invites you to reflect on the pressing issues of the contemporary capitalist world, such as the obsession with youth, the rejection of ageing, discrimination against the elderly and being trapped in the cycle of constant productivity growth.

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